Streamliner™ CR


This specification covers the general requirements of spiral wound high density polyethylene (HDPE) profile pipe with smooth outer and inner walls specifically designed for in-place relining of underground culverts.


Pipe shall be manufactured from PE3608 high density polyethylene resin. Resin will meet or exceed the requirements of cell classification 334433C as defined in ASTM D3350. Resistant to a wide range of soil acidity: pH 1.25 to 14.

Pipe Stiffness

Pipe shall have minimum ring stiffness of 160 or 250 at 3% deflection when tested in accordance with ASTM D2412. For standard sizes and ring stiffness please see under documents.


A Manning's 'n' value of 0.010 shall be used to calculate the flow for all sizes of smooth interior Steamliner pipe. For more details see 'Corrugated Steel Pipe to Streamliner Flow Comparison'.

Applicable Standards

ASTM D3350, ASTM F894

Pipe Dimensions

Standard pipe lengths are 5m (16ft).  Custom lengths may be available upon request.  For available sizes see ‘Streamliner Profile Details’.