Agricultural Drainage

For over thirty years, Ideal Pipe has produced millions of feet per year of agricultural drainage tubing.  This tubing has been installed in farms spanning North America.

Highway Drainage

For over twenty years Ideal Pipe have produced products to help subsurface and surface drainage alongside city streets, municipal roads and highways as part of a major ingredient to stabilize and protect the finished surface from degradation.

Residential Drainage

Ideal's corrugated plastic pipe is used in many old and new home construction projects. Its' purpose is to control the subsurface water table around the foundations' footing preventing foundation breakage, keeping basements dry and stabilizing the footings. Ideal's corrugated plastic pipe is used for many other purposes such as outlet drains for roof downspouts, window well drainage, yard drainage, driveway and sidewalk drainage, and protecting young trees from lawn maintenance and rodent damage. Larger diameter pipes are used for culverts to cross roads or shallow well casings.

Recreational Drainage

Ideal's corrugated plastic pipe and accessories can be used for subsurface and surface drainage on school playgrounds, parks, sports playing fields and golf courses all across North America, maintaining the turf from damage and ensuring prompt play even after the heaviest of rainfalls.

Storm Sewers

Storm Water Management: Ideal's smoothwall internal and corrugated external profiles provide top value for heavy-duty stormwater management projects. Challenger pipe is available in sizes from 6" to 36" diameters. It has a smooth internal waterway for the best flow and corrugated outer profile for strength. This combination provides proven performance in a lightweight, easy to use drainage pipe. The Challenger line of corrugated polyethylene pipe from Ideal Pipe offers two types of coupling systems. Bell and spigot-type Sur-Seal couplings, complete with gasket-type seals provide leak-free joints. The integral bell fitting is molded into the pipe during the continuous manufacturing process. This allows joints to be easily pushed together in the trench.

Roadside Culverts

Roadside culverts you can count on. Challenger 2000 is the ideal choice when it comes to culverts. With one foot of cover and proper backfill, Challenger 2000 can withstand the heaviest traffic-including trucks, combines and tractors. The light weight corrugated HDPE pipe with a smooth interior carries high flows and easy installation.


Culvert Relining pipe for in-place relining . Streamliner CR allows low cost installation, upgrade culverts without disrupting road traffic. Streamliner CR smooth outer wall makes easy insertion and grouting, our smooth inner wall allows high flow capacity in smaller pipe sizes. The light weight HDPE profile pipe allows easy lifting and installation.


Wavetex conduit can be installed via directional boring, plowing or an open trench method. Wavetex features a variety of colors, sequential length markings, ID stripes, smooth wall inside/smooth wall outside or ribbed inside wall, mule tape available and in different wall thickness (SDR). Wavetex installation can open trench, plowed or directional board.

Sanitary Sewers

Information coming soon.